flag case for 3 flags
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3 Flag Military Shadow Box

3 Flags Military Shadow Box, flag case for 3 flags 


This case displays 3 flags, a USA flag with either military or state flags, and also provides a good amount of space for your memorabilia.

This case is available in either Red Oak, Walnut or Cherry and comes with a red, black, blue or green background

Holds three flags up to 3'x5' each  or you can upgrade the case to hold 3 burial flags .

Mounting background is included

Outside dimensions are 22"x 26" x 3"

Flag and Medal and or flag and document flag display holder

The Flag case can hold up to 3 flags 

Our 3 flag display case Is hand made by Veterans

Our flag cases are all made from Top of the line American Real Wood

Chose your own backround for your 3 flag display case, and have it fit just for you  ( you can see the options below )

Our 3 flag display case comes with crylic front piece - that gives it extra protection, and makes it Less fragile and verry sturdy


  • Made of finely crafted wood
  • 100% Made in the USA - Hand Made by veterans
  • Beautiful elegant cherry finish




The 3 flag case is a perfect regiment gift for every service person 


 Photos of real cases, that we have done for our Happy Clients! 

flag display case backgrounds

    Orders for the 3 flag display case are usually shipped out within one business day to places within the USA and Canada.


For Military Service Medallions in Solid Brass click Here


3 flag display case



The 3 Flags Display case wiull exhibit all manner of military memorabilia and mementos with the Military Flag and Medal Display Case Shadow Box a


These 3 flags flag shadow boxes are made of the finest wood, the flag case is  ideal complement to certificates, medals and any other military medals and aworeds that you wish to put on display.

The 3 flag display case have a sturdy acrylic in the front to give extra protections to your valubales.



    Orders for the 3 Flags Military Shadow Boxare usually shipped out within one business day to places within the USA and Canada.


Dear Flag Connections,

Your memorial flag case represented our family well. I had no hassle in making the order and I received a very prompt delivery, well before my friend’s scheduled memorial service. Thanks for a beautiful box.

Diana Waugh



  • Armed Forces flag case: Yes
  • flag and Memorabilia display case: Yes
  • Flag Box: Yes
  • Flag Box, flag Pedestal box, Flag boxes: Yes
  • Flag Military Shadow Box: Yes
  • Military flag case: Yes
  • Military flag display : Yes
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  • Flag Cases: Yes
  • Military Awards Frame: Yes
  • Military Display Shadow Show Frames: Yes
  • Item #: 3 flags shadow box
  • Manufacturer: Flags Connections
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: Top_ DC0993flag
  • Condition: New

3 Flags Military Shadow Box, flag case for 3 flags

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