Coast Guard Service Medallion, Brass Coast Guard Medallion, Coast Guard Coin, Coast Guard Brass medal, Coast Guard Medallion for flag cases
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Coast Guard Service Medallions in Solid Brass


The Coast Guard service medallions are 2 1/2 in diameter

The Coast Guard Medalion is made of solid top-quality brass and are lacquer-coated with an antique finish.

Coast Guard Service medallions compliment any of our flag cases, display cases and most of our pedestals. They can also be used to decorate an urn or any item with a smooth flat surface.

We feature these Coast Guard medallion on many of our veteran and military urns.

The Coast Guard Medalions are Exact duplicates of Department of Defense Military Seals.

the Coast Guard Medalion comes with Adhesive backing that  allows attachment to medal displays, Flag Display casess and more.

Coast Guard Service Medallion Specifications and Sizes :

     Medallion Specifications:

  • 2-1/2" diameter
  • 1/8" think
  • Solid Brass, lacquer coated with an antique finish
  • Adhesive back for easy mounting to any clean, flat surface
  • Six choices available: Great Seal of the United States, US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, US Marine Corps, US Coast Guard

The Navy Product Features

We also Offer the fallowing medalions .

  • Great Seal of the U.S. service medallions
  • Air Force service medallions
  • Army service medallions
  • Navy service medallions
  • Marine Corps service medallions
  • Coast Guard service medallions




Coast Guard Medallion - Antique Brass

Coast Guard  Coin

Coast Guard  Medalion, Brass Coast Guard Coin






Dear Flag Connections,

I browsed local stores as well as online for Navy Service medallions and am very satisfied with my purchase. I love the construction and finish.  The delivery was supper fast , Thank you once again for such an esteemed Medallion

Jennifer Mayer


  • Coast Guard Coins: Yes
  • Coast Guard Medalion: Yes
  • Coast Guard Medals: Yes
  • Military Medallions : yes
  • Military Service Medallions: yes
  • Item #: coast_guard Medalion
  • Manufacturer: Flags Connections
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: Coast_Guard _medalion
  • Condition: New

Coast Guard Service Medallion, Brass Coast Guard Medallion

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