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Why Solid Wood Flag Frames are Perfect for Showcasing Veteran’s American Flags

This particular display case is one of the best memorial flag frames on the market. Crafted from solid wood and not cheap MDF materials, the glass of the veteran flag cases offers a bevel around the inner surface that combined with the decorative molding into a triangle shape gives it an upscale look.  You can choose from three styles and the oak units in particular offer an exceptional finish along the cherries and the black. You can purchase the display with or without the matching pedestals and a stand can be purchased separately. This particular model has a rear and a front opening area which is hinged with a magnetic clasp that is cherry colored.

What Size Flags Can Be Held?

There are two sizes of national ensign frame boxes that can hold the flags;

-        3’ x 5’

-        5’ x 9 1/2’

The shadow box can fit both size banners with ease and the high quality appearance of the triangle wood creates a very unique look that cannot be missed. You can mount the boxes on the wall or have them rest on the tabletop.

When displayed with a base, the American flag will appear more pronounced and the memorial stands are stained with the same shades as the frame for a uniform appearance. You will not need to unfold the memorial banners when they are displayed in the boxes as the display is already appropriate for this function.

Why Our Company Works for Your Needs

Incredible Selection: We offer hundreds of different frames, so a display for virtually any event can be found right here.

Same Day Shipping: For most in-stock items we offer same day shipping if the order is placed before 3pm EST Monday – Friday.

Great Customer Service: You can speak to a live representative who will answer all of your questions.

Why We are the Flag Frame Company of Choice

Variety: We offer  different versions of flag frame cases so you can choose the right one for your needs.

Ornate Edging: Instead of the basic edges provided by many other companies, we add extra detail in the edging of our flag frames.

Craftsmanship: The solid wood construction, beveled glass window and overall craftsmanship put into the flag frames are second to none in our industry.

Why Choose Our Services?

There are a number of reasons why our services will work for your needs. Our flag frames are perfect to commemorate a veteran who has served their country. The 5’ x 9 ½’ case is perfect for burial flags while the 3’ x 5’ veteran flag case is usually displayed outside the home. In addition, the smaller size frames are well suited for displaying an ensign in offices or dens.

The cases themselves are crafted with high quality materials and can be passed down to future generations to preserve the memory of an American hero. We offer solid wood flag frames, military display cases and tabletop or freestanding cases in various shapes and sizes. We also sell acrylic displays for sports memorabilia, standard cabinets for displaying trophies and various items and wall mounted cabinets are available as well.

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