Police Flag and Medal Display case -Create a perfect display for your 5x 9 1/2 flag and accompanying awards or medals.
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Flag and Medal Display case  - Police 


Police Flag and Medal Display case

Create a perfect display for your 5 inch x 9 1/2 inch flag and accompanying awards or medals.

Glass front flag case with acrylic front display case and turn button closures on back of both compartments.

Velcro-friendly backing for easy mounting of memorabilia. Solid Walnut with Heirloom finish.

Avillable in Heirloom Walnut







Size : 25 1/2” L x 24 1/4” H x 3 1/4” D


The rectangular part of the case inside dimensions are : 10in x 24 in



    Orders are usually shipped out within one business day to places within the USA and Canada.


Avillable in Heirloom Walnut



For Military Service Medallions in Solid Brass click Here


For instructions on "How to Fold a Flag to fit a flag display case "  click  here




Here is what our loyal customers have to say about us:


Dear Flag Connections,


I was happy you delivered the exact item I saw on the image of your site. The case is sturdy and a beautiful walnut finish. It had ample space for me to personalize a sentimental engraving for my husband. I feel honored that the same company that provided a case for Ronald Reagan is the same one that has furnished us a piece so honorable for my husband’s remains.


Judy Brower




Dear Flag Connections,


I never anticipated this purchase; however, I am very pleased with the burial box for my sister’s husband. She had a tough time choosing but in the end, loved my selection. The flag and great seal do a wonderful job dignifying the final resting place of a fallen soldier.


Cathy Barnes




Dear Flag Connections,


I browsed local stores as well as online for a cascet flag case and am very satisfied with my purchase. I love the construction and finish.  Thank you once again for such an esteemed burial box for a cherished friend.


Jennifer Mayes




Dear Flag Connections,


I love how the curial flag case is constructed.  It arrived in an excellent condition and I couldn’t be happier that my grandmother is being represented in such an honorable way. She was the wife of a veteran, who fought just as hard to keep her family together when he was at war. We love her and miss her,  and are glad that she will be commemorated in a distinctive, proud way.


Samantha Gooden






Dear Flag Connections,


Thank you for an easy transaction. I never thought I would have to make this purchase but fortunately you’ve made it easy for me in a very difficult time. The military flag case portrayed our late uncle in a dignified way during his memorial service. I love the triangle shaped flag above the display case and the great seal completes the look.


Jason Delonso




Dear Flag Connections,


Your Burial  flag case represented our family well. I had no hassle in making the order and I received a very prompt delivery, well before my friend’s scheduled memorial service. Thanks for a beautiful box.


Diana Waugh  




Dear Flag Connections,


This  flag case is just the thing I was looking for to honor my late father. I had a classic cremation urn before, but felt that this solid wooden case was a bit more suitable with its flag overlay. He served for 20 years in the force and this was very appropriate. I wish I knew about these before. Nothing but the best for Dad.


Abdul Grant



  • Flag and Document Frame: Yes
  • Flag and Document Frames: Yes
  • Flag Box: Yes
  • Large Flag and Medal Display Case: Yes
  • Military flag display box: Yes
  • Item #: 16DCCsparta_fcpolice
  • Manufacturer: Flags Connections
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 16DCCsparta_fcpolice
  • Condition: New

Flag and Medal Display Case Police

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