Funeral Flag Case, Funeral Flag and Pedestal, Funeral Flag Frame
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Funeral Flag Case, Funeral Flag and Pedestal, Funeral Flag Frame 

Memorial Flag Cases - Funeral Flag Case

Triangle burial flag and pedestal case,Burial Flag case

Flag Case for the Standard 5’ x 9 ½’ Burial Flag

Burial Flag Display Case

 Flag Pedestal case

Solid Walnut Flag Case w Matching Pedestal/Urn

Flag Case for the Standard 5’ x 9 ½’ Burial Flag

Overall dimensions of the set 28” wide, 16” tall

Our American Made Walnut Flag Case Pedestal / Urn Combination is a beautiful way to memorialize your loved one who served the Armed Forces. The flag case features solid American walnut with our heirloom walnut finish, beveled glass with gold Great Seal of the U.S., and a finished wood back panel. The pedestal is Solid walnut with matching finish, and can be used as an urn with a 225 cubic in. capacity accessed from a removable bottom panel, or simply as a full length pedestal to enhance and highlight the flag case


Made in USA



 For Military Service Medallions in Solid Brass click Here



Please see below what a few of our clients used as a text for the engraved name plates!


All plates are laser engraved


And come with a gold lettering and a black background.


It is all done according to the military standard, with military fonts.


The name plates will come with a double side tape, for your convenience – so you can easily attached it to any flag case.


All name plates are shipped within the same day.















Memorial Flag Display Case – Thank You Letters

Dear Flag Connections,

My aunt and I had discussed how we would go about the burial of my Uncle Grant. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer a few weeks ago and the doctors told us to start making arrangements. He expressed that he wanted to be cremated and so out search began for an urn after his death. What we first had in mind was a simple vase, but given the fact that he once served in the army, we found the burial display case to be more fitting. When it arrived, my aunt and I conceded that the case was even fitting for a President. Thanks for a wonderful burial urn.


Cindy TX


Dear Flag Connections,

I bought this case about three years ago. Since it’s wall mountable, I find it easy to move whenever I change my décor. Love the versatility! I am overly sentimental, so I place it right before my rocking chair. It holds the precious ashes of my late husband, a former veteran.

Warm Regards,

Juliette, AZ


Dear Flag Connections,

I bought the burial display case along with a stand for boasting all the awards that were accumulated by my cousin. I love the flag at the front that symbolizes why he lived and how he fought for this country. I appreciate that you have taken the time to create a product that commemorates those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.


Tracey, FL




Dear Flag Connections,

The walnut finish of your beautiful burial display case blends in seamlessly with my living room furniture. I love its richness, sturdiness and stately presence in my home. It reminds me of the strong character of Jimmy, my husband.

Jenna, MN


Dear Flag Connections,

My grandfather was honorably discharged from The United States Military.  After his death, we wanted to follow tradition, by folding the flag in a triangular shape as a symbol of honor. Thank you for the dual function of the burial display case. It was hard enough to choose an urn, so the inclusion of the flag came as one less worry in a difficult time.


Richie, WV


Dear Flag Connections,

 I like that I never had to order a flag separately for honoring a friend. Your burial flag display case is a very innovative product and well-suited for a dignitary!

Tom, WV

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Funeral Flag Case, Funeral Flag and Pedestal, Funeral Flag Frame

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