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Glass Laser Engraved Flag Display Case

Large Flag Display Case

Large Memorial Flag Cases display case shadow box

Laser Engraved Flag Display Case- Flag Case



Flag display cases are beautiful frames that accommodate a folded flag safely as a photograph frame does to a picture. Most of them are created to have the shape of triangular frames in materials such as glass, wood or acrylic. At, we provide you with the chance to personalize your display cases for your loved ones. Most of them are made with hardwoods such as cherry, mahogany, oak, and walnut. We are experts in the production and supply of durable display cases. Flag display cases are also available as slightly larger flag-and-medal display cases. These are hut shaped cases with a triangular top portion of flags and the square bottom part for displaying medals and make an excellent wall mounted displays.

They are the perfect gifts to appreciate our loved ones, who have just left active service. It can also be used as customized military gifts for officers who have performed well

Our flag display cases can also be offered as a casket flag case at the tomb of the deceased. Customers are free to make personalized requests for flag display cases, personalized flag frames, customized large flag case based on their individual needs.


  • Hand crafted by veterans who are specialists in the art.
  • Most orders are shipped out within one business day.
  • Our flag cases are renowned for premium quality.
  • Our display cases are manufactured with real American wood and not MDF.


Our Engraved Service Emblem Flag Cases are exquisitely crafted in your choice of solid oak, walnut, cherry, or mahogany. 


The double-strength glass front of the flag case is Laser Engraved with your choice of Service Emblem; Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, marine Corps, or Navy. 


The back panel of your flag display case is layered with crushed velvet, making this the preeminent flag display case available anywhere today.

Large enough to display coffin sized flags.

Our Glass Laser Engraved Flag Display Cases Are a Great Military Gift


  Solid Oak, Walnut, Cherry, or Mahogany   Double Strength Glass Panel
  Personalized Laser Engraving (optional)   Crushed Velvet Background (blue)
  Flag (optional)  

Laminate Panel Back

  Branch Specific Engraved Metal Plate (optional)   Inside Dimensions: 23 3/4"W x 11 3/4"H
      Accepts folded flags up to the 5ft x 9.5ft coffin/burial flag.




Flag Case designed specifically for the Burial, or Casket Flag which, when unfolded measures 5 ft. x 9-1/2 ft. These Large Flag Cases will also beautifully display your 5 ft. x 8 ft. and 4 ft. x 6 ft. flags


Made in USA !!



  For Military Service Medallions in Solid Brass click Here




Please see below what a few of our clients used as a text for the engraved name plates!

All plates are laser engraved

And come with a gold lettering and a black background.

It is all done according to the military standard, with military fonts.

The name plates will come with a double side tape, for your convenience – so you can easily attached it to any flag case.

All name plates are shipped within the same day.

American made flag display cases

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Military name plates, Plate for award display  

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personalized engraving plate, personalized engraving names

Flexi-Engraving Plate

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Dear Flag Connections,

I love how the memorial flag case is constructed.  It arrived in an excellent condition and I couldn’t be happier that my grandmother is being represented in such an honorable way. She was the wife of a veteran, who fought just as hard to keep her family together when he was at war. We love her and miss her,  and are glad that she will be commemorated in a distinctive, proud way.

Samantha Gooden



Dear Flag Connections,

Thank you for an easy transaction. I never thought I would have to make this purchase but fortunately you’ve made it easy for me in a very difficult time. The military flag case portrayed our late uncle in a dignified way during his memorial service. I love the triangle shaped flag above the display case and the great seal completes the look.

Jason Delonso

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Glass Laser Engraved Flag Display Case

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