Memorial Flag Display American Made Walnut Flag Case Pedestal / Urn Combination is a beautiful way to memorialize your loved one who served the Armed Forces.
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Memorial Flag Display Case

Solid American Cherry Flag Case w Matching Pedestal/Urn

Flag Case for the Standard 5’ x 9 ½’ Burial Flag

Overall dimensions of the set 28” wide, 16” tall

Our American Memorial Flag Display Case is Made American Cherry. 

The Flag Case Pedestal / Urn Combination is a beautiful way to memorialize your loved one who served the Armed Forces.

The flag case features solid American Cherry with beveled glass with gold Great Seal of the U.S., and a finished wood back panel.

The pedestal is Solid Cherry with matching finish, and can be used as an urn with a 225 cubic in. capacity accessed from a removable bottom panel, or simply as a full length pedestal to enhance and highlight the flag case


Made in USA



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Burial Flag Display Case – Thank You Letters


Dear Flag Connections,

I am a grieving widow of a former veteran. After my husband’s passing, my concerns for his burial were affordability and having a dignified memorial service. I found your service and products to be very helpful. Not only did you help me choose a perfect resting place for my husband, but you also made the journey easier with your understanding staff.  

An Army Wife


Dear Flag Connections,

I am very pleased that all of your products are made in America! It seems that we as consumers sometimes have a double-standard when it comes to our values and the purchasing of products. I thank you as a patriot of this country,  that I was able to honor a former veteran, in a beautiful burial case, that’s made in this same country.

Yours Sincerely,

Amy, PA


Dear Flag Connections,

I am a mourning granddaughter, who took on all the burial arrangements for Papa. Since all of my older relatives were too weak or too distraught to do the final arrangements for his burial, it felt very overwhelming. I just wanted to say that all of my relatives and friends commented on the beauty and dignity of the burial flag display case at his service. They were very pleased that it honored my grandfather as a soldier and the patriotic theme helped me pull the whole ceremony together.


Kathy, IL

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Memorial Flag Display Case

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