Oak 5 X 9.5 Flag Memorial Case on Pedestal with Engraved Plate
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Memorial flag Case and Pedestal for 5x9.5 flag 

Large Memorial flag Case and Pedestal

This gorgeous Flag Memorial Case is made of solid wood with a lightweight acrylic front and comes mounted on its own unique pedestal. This case is made to protect and proudly display your special 5" x 9.5" flag for all to see and enjoy. T Also Included with this case are a wall hanging kit and complete care instructions.


  • Lightweight acrylic front
  • Wall mount included
  • Outside case dimensions: 25"(W) x 17 1/2"(H) x 3"(D)
  • This case is designed to hold a 5ft x 9.5ft flag
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • flag and Pedestal case: Yes
  • Large flag Case and Pedestal : Yes
  • Large Memorial flag Case and Pedestal : Yes
  • Military Flag and Pedestal display: Yes
  • Military flag display case : Yes
  • Pedestal and flag holder : Yes
  • Folded Flag Display Case : Yes
  • Veteran Shadow Box: Yes
  • Item #: FLGDCAS1000002869
  • Manufacturer: Flags Connections
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: FLGDCAS1000002869
  • Condition: New

Memorial flag Case and Pedestal

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