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Military 3 Bay Mantle Military Shadow Box

3 Bay Mantle Military Shadow Box

The perfect size case for your mantle, holds a ample amount of memorabilia. This case is available in either Red Oak or stained Walnut and comes with a red, black, blue or green background.

Holds up to 5 ft x 9.5 ft flag ( make sure to choose the correct flag size on the drop down menu )

Case display area is 7" tall x 22"

The Size of each one or the boxes below the flag is 7” x 7”

 The background fabric for the Military 3 Bay Mantle Military Shadow Box can either be service uniform fabric or velvet. The service uniform fabric is actual military uniform fabric and it is available in Navy Blue, Army Green, Air Force Blue, Marine Corps Blue, Marine Corps Green and Coast Guard Blue. The velvet background is available in Black, Navy Blue, Red and Maroon.



 Military 3 Bay Mantle Military Shadow BoxCombo flag and medal display cases

Flag Memorial Case - Three Bay

Military Military Shadow Box

 military shadow box  Mantle Military Shadow Box  Orders for the Military 3 Bay Mantle Military Shadow Box  are usually shipped out within one business day to places within the USA and Canada.



Military 3 Bay Mantle Military Shadow Box


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For instructions on "How to Fold a Flag to fit a flag display case "  click  here




Dear Flag Connections,

This display case was exactly as described. It blends in beautifully with the furniture in my office. Thanks for the prompt delivery and superb customer service , who handled all of my concerns in a professional, yet friendly way.

Detra Simms

Dear Flag Connections,

I have not found a more suitable case for my college certificate. Even though it leans more toward persons in the military and service industry, I am a proud American citizen, who is even prouder to be educated in this country. I adore the flag and the timeless look.

Petagaye Thomas





  • Military flag display case box, : Yes
  • 3 Bay Mantle Military Shadow Box,: Yes
  • flag and medal display case: Yes
  • Flag and Photo display case : Yes
  • Large Flag Cases: Yes
  • Military flag case : Yes
  • Military Flag Display Cases: Yes
  • Flag Cases: Yes
  • Burial Flag case: Yes
  • Military Gifts: yes
  • Item #: 3 Bay Mantle Military Shadow Box
  • Manufacturer: Flags Connections
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 3 Bay Mantle Military Shadow Box
  • Condition: New

Military 3 Bay Mantle Military Shadow Box

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