This Rectangular Flag Memorial Case is hand crafted out of solid oak that has a high gloss finish with a lightweight acrylic front panel.
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Large Flag and Medal display case - Flag Case for Military casket flag


This Rectangular Flag Memorial Case is hand crafted out of solid oak that has a high gloss finish with a lightweight acrylic front panel.

This beautiful case is perfect for displaying your special 5' x 9.5' flag and any other memorabilia, such as medals, rank insignia, patches, pins and more.

Included are a wall hanging kit and complete care instructions.

You may also add an engraving plate that you may mount wherever you like on the case.

 The background fabric on this can either be service uniform fabric or velvet.

The service uniform fabric is actual military uniform fabric and it is available in Navy Blue, Army Green, Air Force Blue, Marine Corps Blue, Marine Corps Green and Coast Guard Blue. The velvet background is available in Black, Navy Blue, Red and Maroon.



* Lightweight acrylic front

* Choice of background fabric

* Wall mount included

* Outside case dimensions: 14"(W) x 26"(H) x 3"(D)

* This case is designed to hold a 5ft x 9.5ft flag

* Made in the U.S.A.



The case will fit a Burial Flag

and can be a great Coffin Flag Case.

Or Casket flag case


The case comes with actual service uniform fabrics, not imitations so you can rest assured that the fabric you receive in your case will be perfect for your branch of service



Wood Options:

  • Red Oak    


  • Walnut  


Fabric Options:

Most of our cases are available with a wide variety of background fabrics that allow you to create a unique display. Available background fabrics are:






  • Service fabrics: Coast Guard, Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps Blue, Marine Corps Green
  • Velvets: Red, Black, Blue, Maroon

    Orders are usually shipped out within one business day to places within the USA and Canada.


  For Military Service Medallions in Solid Brass click Here



Please see below what a few of our clients used as a text for the engraved name plates!


All plates are laser engraved


And come with a gold lettering and a black background.


It is all done according to the military standard, with military fonts.


The name plates will come with a double side tape, for your convenience – so you can easily attached it to any flag case.


All name plates are shipped within the same day.


















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Oak 5 X 9.5 Flag Memorial Case,For casket Flag

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