Pen Holder with American Flag Medallion
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Patriotic Pen Holder

American Flag Medallion Pen Holder is an elegant desktop accessory. The Pen Holder is made from Mahogany colored wood, in the shape of a six-sided hexagon. The outside dimensions measure 6-Inches by 7-Inches. The American Flag Medallion is centered below a gold pen. The bottom is lined with felt.

This American Flag Pen Holder features:

  • Large American Flag Medallion
  • Made from Mahogany Colored Wood
  • Outside Dimensions: 6-Inch by 7-Inch by 1-Inch
  • Six-sided Hexagon
  • Golden Pen with Black Ink
  • Felt Lined Bottom
  • Weighs 1.025 lbs.
  • Item #: aimhigh021
  • Manufacturer: Flags Connections
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: aimhigh021
  • Condition: New

Pen Holder with American Flag Medallion

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