The Patriot flag case - Hidden flag display case – Flag case, Concealment flag case
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The Patriot flag case  / Hidden flag display case – Flag case/ safe.



The Patriot flag case  / Hidden flag display case – Flag case/ safe.


Looking to Hide a weapons ? looking to his a gun ?

Look no more we offer the solution !!

Concealment flag case, Hide a gun in a flag case


Concealment flag display case 



  • Made in the USA!
  • Solid cherry stained wood construction.
  • Hook and loop straps for securing flag.
  • Magnetically latched and hinged front panel.
  • Case dimensions: 22"(W) x 11.5" (T) x 4.25"(D).
  • Holds a 2" x 3" American Flag.
  • Rear key lock for added security.
  • Includes (2) keys.
  • Magnetically latched front panel with key lock for added security
  • Hold most large handguns and other valuables.
  • you can Hide a pistol in the  flag case



(Gun and flag not included)


If you are a proud American who believes in the right to protect yourself, you might find yourself wanting an easy & classy way to keep your handgun away from prying eyes. Once again, this great country has come to your rescue. May you never again struggle to find a good way to keep your weapons concealed yet handy, and may you defeat this struggle with swelling patriot pride as you neatly fold your flag and fit it into the display. The beautiful wood finish lends elegance to the outfit, and a magnetic closure keeps your belongings shut away yet accessible at a moment's notice. Velcro straps help secure the flag so your secret can stay safe, and you can too. The flag case is  sure does stand for the undying love for your country that you and he share, and it's just one more way you can strive to be as American as he is.

Product Description

The Patriot Flag Case with Concealment is a beautiful, classic piece for your home to display and honor our nation’s flag and fallen heroes. It has a solid wood construction and velcro straps to secure the flag in place. We know that bearing arms has kept our flag flying proudly so adding our gun concealment compartment behind the flag display seems appropriate. The front panel is magnetically latched and there is a key lock for added security. The case’s dimensions are 22 wide x 4 1/4? deep, 11 1/2tall.

Patriot Flag Case with Concealment. SAVE BIG! Salute to service! Take pride in America by showing off your military flag with this Patriot Flag Case. Made from solid wood with VELCRO straps to secure your flag. But what makes this Concealment Case special is its hidden surprise. Underneath the flag is a lockable compartment for keeping your handgun safe and hidden in plain sight. Features: Solid wood construction for years of durable service; VELCRO straps secure flag; Hidden compartment for storing your handgun; Magnetically latched front panel with key lock for added security; Measures 22" x 4.25" x 11.5"h. Order yours today! Patriot Flag Case with Concealment,




    Orders  for the Flag Case with Concealment are usually shipped out within one business day to places within the USA and Canada



Securety flag display case

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  • Item #: hiddenpatriot
  • Manufacturer: Flags Connections
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: Safe_Flag_Case
  • Condition: New

The Patriot flag case - Hidden flag display, Concealment case

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