USMC NCO Sword Display Case, Sword Cases, Marine Sword frame
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USMC NCO Sword Display Case, Sword Cases, Marine  Sword frame

1 Sword Display Case Cabinet


Our Marine Corps Sword Cases are all Hand Made by American veterans


Our Sword Cases are hand made in the USA, this Sword Case have a dutiful Mahogany finish ,

and will preset your sword for generations  With a glass front


** Top Quality Sword Display Case

**   Real Quality Wood

**   Glass front

**   Hand Made By Veterans

**   Fast shipping



Dimensions for the  Marine Corps Sword display case :

Dimensions for the Sword display case :


Unit Weight: 14 lbs


Inside Dimensions: 44"W X 10"H X 3.25"D
Outside Dimensions: 45"W X 11"H X 4.00"D
Inside Dimensions: 44"W X 10"H X 3.25"D
Inside Depth: 3.25"
Framing Material: Beech Hardwood
Door Cover: 98% UV Protection Rated Acrylic
Door Hardware: Locking brass latch(s)
Background Material: Felt

The Sword display case is coming with no swords medallions or engraved name plates




  • If you like to buy the medallions and the engrave plates – please add it to your order 






Testemonials :






Thank you for a great product. The box was used as a retirement gift for the Sergeant in charge of our Mounted Enforcement Unit. Attached are a few photos of the completed box. The police patches make up all the agencies who belong to our regional Orange County Mounted Enforcement Unit. His mounted baton is centered with his horse's badge and his hat piece to the sides of the name plate.  Thanks again.








William Brownlee

Sword Display Case


Military Sword Case, Sword Holder

  • Sword Display: Yes
  • Sword Wall Display: Yes
  • Item #: Blina_MC
  • Manufacturer: Flags Connections
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: sword_depot_mc
  • Condition: New

USMC NCO Sword Display Case, Sword Cases, Marine Sword frame

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