Cherry Pedestal,Memorial Urn
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 Pedestal for flag case 

Solid Wood Pedestal made in the USA  Solid Cherry.

Details: Removable bottom panel, 255 cubic inch capacity, 

Dimensions: 25 7/8"(W) x 2 1/8"(H) x 4 3/4"(D).



 For Military Service Medallions in Solid Brass click Here






Looking to improve your flag display case ?

Take a look at great flag display options that Flags connections offers.

We can help you find the corect  flag display case and  proudly display your American flag.

Whether you are looking for a Burial  flag display case, Or retiarment flag case, and even a flag and medal display case so you can proudly display your flag along side your military medals.


Let our helpful staff of veterans, with more than 25 years of experience, find the best flag display case for you.

Present the flags you have proudly! Our Hand made by veterans Flag Cases are custom built to fit the traditional triangle-fold of the United States, Or military flags, or even units and states  Flag.

Our Flag Casess Are made from solid american wood, Our elegant Flag Cases are available in your choice of a cherry, oak Black or walnut finish.

 In Addition we offerFlag Cases can also be customized for your service in the armed forces.

We offer fully castomizable flag cases, we can engrave your US Flag Case with gold lettering, up to 4 lines of text, 60 characters each.

and we offer a veriaty of engraving options - From Laser engraved Glass , to laser engraved plate.

To combine your flag with your medals, consider the Cheery Combo 5x9 Flag Case, also available in 3x5.

For a  different look, the military/ Memoriall Flag Cases are available in 5x9 or 3x5, and also customizable with 4 lines of text and an veriaty of different logos from the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, or Coast Guard.





Dear Flag Connections,

Just put the Flag Display Case and Pedestal on my entertainment wall. It complements the whole look and overall patriotic theme I tried putting together. In bright sunshine and even in the low evening hue light, the wood shines lustrously. Overall a great purchase.

Maria Victoria

Dear Flag Connections,

There is a reason that this product is so popular. It functions exactly as promised and highlights a brilliant cause. I love it and I’ll be shopping with you some more.

Roderick Reeves

Dear Flag Connections,

I purchased a Flag Display Case and Pedestal for my nephew. It was well-received and will probably become a travelling companion on his journeys, rather than a display in his home. That’s what he told me… he’s using it as some sort of vision board.

Sara Stephenson



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flag display Pedestal, Pedestal for flag

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